Adobe Presenter videos

One of the design components for the flipped classroom projects is the creation of instructional videos that moves part of the instructional component online so that class time can be dedicated to student practice.

In the initial offering of the flipped classes, I purchased an Adobe Presenter license and used Adobe Connect (available through my university) to create and post videos. However, this requires an ongoing Adobe Connect license which I needed to purchase through the university, and I wanted to be able to use free technology to create and store the videos.

I am currently in the process of adding & redoing instructional videos and posting them to YouTube (Profesora Anita) using Screencast-o-matic, a free screencasting program. I am also adding interactive elements to the videos using EdPuzzle, a free website that allows to take videos from a number of sites and add customized elements such as quizzes.

Adobe Presenter videos for Spanish phonetics:

Las vocales y las consonantes

Las vocales

Los diptongos y la fonética acústica

La sílaba

El acento prosódico y la ortografía

Las oclusivas

Adobe Presenter tutorial for Advanced Composition and Stylistics in Spanish:

How to create a Google Site

Adobe Presenter Express for Mac video for graduate students taking MA comprehensive exams: